Stunning modern pavillion

Stunning single-storey pavilion set in a walled garden with simple construction offering light on two sides plus rooflights – fantastic venue for events or filming with easy access from private car park.1246_11246

1246 walled_garden_3 1246 walledgarden_2 1246 weddings_3 1246_01 1246_2 1246_roof

With a beautiful rural setting and the Yorkshire Dales as a backdrop, this location features timber construction throughout with frameless glass, front and back, and is flanked symmetrically by timber clad ‘book ends’, housing the smaller rooms, whose structure incorporates the laminated timber columns that support the roof – a clear-span steel truss with a central roof light.  Overhanging eaves shade the windows and protect the veranda, with its outside seating area and graded steps leading to the garden.

OneLocations ref 1246

Skipton, West Yorkshire

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