Aspirational family home

Fantastic location for creating aspirational settings with loads of light and plenty of room for crew, including a separate annex that doubles as a green room with makeup and changing facilities.


OneLocations 1294 067

OneLocations 1294 060

OneLocations 1294 061

OneLocations 1294 062

OneLocations 1294 072

OneLocations 1294 079



OneLocations 1294 078



OneLocations 1294 063

Polished white floors, designer interiors and modern kitchen give this location a cool and sophisticated feel throughout, while outside offers a shaded party space with hot tub and BBQ!


OneLocations 1294 083

OneLocations 1294 058

OneLocations 1294 086

OneLocations 1294 084


A stunning indoor swimming pool adds to the options for this fabulous venue.


OneLocations 1294 070

OneLocations ref. 1294

Mancheter, UK

This locations has been used extensively for TV work for clients including Ryan Giggs (TV ad & viral), Harveys Furniture, DFS, Poundstretcher & Hollyoaks.


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