register your property

We’re currently looking to expand our library of selected locations for film, photography & TV and for a limited period, there’s no registration fee.

We act as agents for an exclusive collection of properties – we will arrange everything on your behalf and negotiate the best rates for you.

If you’re interested in adding your property to our location library, take a look at our FAQ sheet.

OneLocations FAQ sheet new (download pdf)

OneLocations works with many of the UK’s best photography, film, events, and TV production companies – our library is the starting point for many location professionals seeking a residential or business location for filming or stills photography, events or television production.

We check all our clients for your security – your personal details are held securely and in strict confidence.

We respect your privacy and you can advise us of any areas you prefer not to be used.

For selected properties we also offer the VIP register (Very Important Properties!) that don’t appear on the main site and are exclusive to

We make sure that all our clients are fully insured – we will check credit history, issue contracts, complete health & safety checks (including risk assessments) and collect all fees on your behalf.

You will receive payment for the hire of your property within 14 days of the end of the shoot.

register your property (download pdf) or complete the form below.

Please email us a few images of your property – we’ll be in touch to let you know if it’s suitable within a couple of days!

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